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Pat Adams operates Xpress Sports Training which is the home to his speed and conditioning programs.  Xpress SportsTraining (XST) is a facility dedicated to developing powerful acceleration, lateral quickness and first step explosion through sport specific resistance training. XST places strong emphasis on speed, power, balance, quickness and coordination.


We are here for those interested in becoming the dominant athlete and
willing to commit to improve their future.

This training is available for serious athletes of all ages.

Performance training – XST prepares athletes for competition by utilizing techniques and drills directly related to sport specific movements and positioning through a diversified series of resistant exercises.

 Why is there an increased demand for this training?
Public attitude towards sports and athletes. Increased competitiveness at all level of sports, recreational, middle school, high school, college, and professional recruits. It is never to early to start this type of training

What are the benefits of performance training?
Performance training prepares athletes for competition by utilizing exercises and drills directly related to sport-specific movements and positioning to help players achieve: