Combine Preperation

Xpress Sports Training provides college combine specific training to help the high school football athlete excel at the next level.
Combine Preperation
Preperation Includes
  • Athlete Profile
  • Combine Invitations
  • Combine testing & evaluation

These combines are designed to test players performance in speed, agility and strength drills. There are also several drills to allow players to demonstrate their skills at various positions. The combines are also used as a tool to gather information for college recruiting

Xpress Sports Training is committed to developing a more dominant football player with position specific workouts for offensive and defensive players. These resistance based workouts emphasize using proper technique to master the skills necessary to dominate at each position.

Combine Running

Xpress Sports Training Pat offers speed and agility workouts, fundamental resistance training, position drills and a complete weight room with cardio equipment. He has also developed a unique program for college football combine preparation. Workouts are designed around specific combine drills with a focus on achieving superior results that help to facilitate college recruitment.

Pat regularly receives information about local, regional and national combines. He works with the individual athletes to recommend which combines will provided the highest value based on the players position and skill sets.

In the past Xpress Sports Training athletes have finished above the 90th percentile in each of the speed and agility events. This has led to recognition and placement by college recruiters.

Combine prep